Pantry Hours / Shopping Polices / Requirements


There will be NO pickups on Thursday, Fridays, or Sundays.

UPDATED 1/1/2022
Clients must be referred to Other Options by a Medical Case Manager or Physician to make use of our services. Other Options only service those individuals living with HIV in the State of Oklahoma.
Monday: 4:00pm – 6:00pm Pantry drive through hours for Registered Clients.
Tuesday: 1:00pm – 3:00pm Pantry hours for Scheduled Out of Town / Monthly shoppers.
Wednesday: 1:00pm – 3:00pm Pantry hours for Scheduled Out of Town / Monthly shoppers.
Saturday: 10:00am – 12:00pm Pantry drive through hours for Registered Clients.

Dates Closed for 2022

(Easter Weekend) April 15th – April 22nd
(Memorial Day) May 27th – June 3rd
(4th of July) July 1st – July 7th
(Labor Day) September 2nd – September 8th
(Thanksgiving) November 22nd – December 2nd
(Christmas / New Year’s) December 21st – January 6th

Cookie’s Thanksgiving Dinner Signup
October 18th – November 17th

Angel Tree Gift Signup
November 21st   through December 5th

Client(s) living more than one hour’s drive from our pantry location may ask to be added to Out of Town / Monthly shopping. Please note all Out of Town / Monthly shoppers are required to shop on days that they are coming to town for Doctors’ appointments. Out of town / Monthly Shoppers are required to schedule and/or set an appointment times with our office at least 24 hours prior to shopping.

OKC Metro Area Clients
Client’s living in Oklahoma City Metro area are required to shop on either Monday’s or Saturdays only.  Clients with transportation issues may ask for assistance with a Bus Pass when available or speak with the pantry manager.

New Clients
New clients must have a State or Government issued Photo ID on their first visit to our Pantry. For clients that do not have a photo ID we ask that case managers for said client reach out to our pantry manager when submitting client’s referral. Please allow 24 hours for new referrals to be added to our system. Please note: Client and family members DOB and Last 4 of SS# are required. (Undocumented or non-US Citizens are exempt from SS#)

Emergency Placement
Emergency boxes for clients being placed in emergency housing can be made for case managers pickup on Tuesday between the hours of Noon-1:00pm please allow 3-4 hours for our staff to make box(s). Clients placed on Friday’s may shop on Saturday morning pantry 10am-Noon. Monday placements, case manager can make arrangements with pantry manager for possible pickup on Tuesday between noon-1:00pm. (Client will need to shop on normal pantry hours after that point)

We provide this homebound service to clients per week. Clients with major health issues unable to leave their homes. Many of these clients are long-term survivors facing new health challenges associated with decades-long treatment and common effects of aging. We work with them to re-visit the pantry as their health improves and connect them with additional resources. A physician’s letter is requiring for such services, as well as a home visit from our Home Delivery assessment team comprised of retired DHS Case Managers.

Other Options / Friends food Pantry is located on two main bus routes, transportation limitations do not qualify for Home Delivery or Emergency pickups on off pantry days. Transportation services are often offered by case management, please speak with your case manager.